We believe that connection of local community partners with the research institutions and collaboration between the entities will provide the best and most comprehensive health care team/model. In addition, it is collaboration between the surrounding research institutions and regional hospitals, bio industries, healthcare administrators, national organizations that will move research forward.

We are four engaged patients in the Southeastern Parkinson’s community who are expanding upon the traditional Victory Summit format and planning a weekend of activities that will appeal to a variety of interests designed to bring Parkinson’s Disease Education and Awareness to all. Our goals for the weekend are to strengthen relationships, improve communication, encourage unity and collaboration, and build Parkinson’s Community. A regional conference of this type has never been done before. Our hope is that it will re-define purpose, renew vision, and re-ignite PD passion and interest. We invite you to be a part.

TOGETHER we can make a difference!

Ken Cater, Alabama
Lisa Cox, South Carolina
Linda Morgan, North Carolina
Bill Wilkins, Georgia